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Why do I soak the plank?

For enhanced flavor and fire protection!  Soaking the plank helps release the cedar flavor to infuse the food and keep it moist and tender.  Soaking also keeps the wood from burning excessively.  You will still have smoldering and charring, which is the secret to the incredible smoky flavor.  Even a wet plank may have the occasional flare-up, so keep a spray bottle handy to put out any flames.

How long should I soak the plank?

We wish we could say the cedar plank grilling was a science, but there is also a lot of art to it!  As a general rule, the larger the cut of meat, the longer you should soak the plank.  You can soak up to 24 hours.  For a thinner cut of meat or for more delicate fare, such as fish, you only need to soak for 20-30 minutes. 

Can I use a plank more than once?  We don’t recommend reusing the planks.  If you are the thrifty type that simply must get more than one usage from your planks, please follow these simple rules:

  1. Rinse the plank with water after using.  Do not use soap.
  2. For its next use, soak as you normally would.
  3. Preheat the plank for approximately 10 minutes on medium high heat.
  4. Add your food.

Can I use more than one plank on the grill?

Use as many as you can fit on your grill!  Of course, leave a bit of space between planks to allow the heat to circulate.  Most grills have “hot spots,” so you may need to rotate the platters to ensure even cooking.

Do I need to turn the food while cooking?

It is not necessary to flip foods while cooking on a cedar plank.  Remember, part of the secret to cedar plank grilling is to give a smoky flavor to the food.   This happens when the lid is closed!  Some cedar plank chefs prefer to sear their meat prior to planking it.  While not required, if you want to sear before planking, go for it!

What’s better for cedar plank grilling:  gas or charcoal?

It’s a personal preference and our grilling planks work well on either type.  The only notable difference is timing:  allow 10-15 minutes longer cooking time for charcoal grills.

Why do you make your planks out of cedar?

While there are many types of wood that are used for planking, cedar is the most popular.  Its popularity stems from its ability to add a sweet and smoky flavor that compliments a wide variety of food.

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