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Grilling Directions

Submerge plank in water for at least one hour. For extra flavor, try soaking the plank in a one-part water, one-part wine or pineapple juice mixture.

Place meat, veggies, seafood or fruits onto the plank and close lid. The magic begins when the plank begins to smoke and char flavoring your food with a subtle sweet smokiness. Keep a spray bottle of water handy just in case you see any flare-ups while cooking.

Remove the plank from the grill and serve. If the plank is not overly charred, you may use it again by cleaning with hot water and storing in a dry place. Otherwise, assure it is fully cooked, and dispose of in fireplace or trash.

As always, use caution

  • Use outdoors only.
  • Do not leave planks unattended on grill, and keep a spray bottle of water near-by in case of flare-up.
  • Handle hot planks carefully.
  • Dispose of planks by either breaking up and adding to charcoal in BBQ, burning in fireplace or cooling completely (best to submerge in water) and placing in recycle bin.
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